Friday, April 27, 2012

Surviving Bohdi's Revenge

It may not have been the "50-year storm" but the conditions at Folly Beach on Sunday morning were described as epic.  Wave action has been pretty minimal over the past year, so it's ironic that the day we held an ocean SUP Race, we had giant surf.  Bhodi's Revenge challenged everyone who participated, and many opted out of the mayhem.  Out of 54 paddlers that registered, 23 completed the course they set out for.  Everyone struggled to get out through the break and often it was pure luck to make it through to the other side.  Some showed their ability to persevere and endured the poundings of the surf longer than others.  Leashes snapped and so did some tempers, and reluctantly many returned to the beach to share stories and drain the salt water from their brains.

Those that made it through (twice for the elite course) experienced amazing rolling and cresting waves well over head high.  One elite finisher (John Beausang of Distressed Mullet) reported that it was "the most fun he had in a race all year."

Despite the drizzle, SUP became a spectator sport at Bohdi's Revenge for a change. The crazy conditions, the carnage in whitewater, perseverance of the paddlers, and the impressive surf skills of the elite entertained all who watched. Racers traded places throughout the competition.  Those lucky enough to catch a wave and actually surf it in often moved up and anyone who could get out quickly was definitely at an advantage.

Check out the results and the amazing pictures.  Half-moon Outfitters and Charleston County Parks and Rec did a stellar job organizing the event.  Sponsors provided incredibly generous prizes (including two Naish boards) and last but not least, the awesome volunteers made everyone's day much better.  A huge thank you to everyone who contributed and participated!  I can't wait for next year!

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