Thursday, April 26, 2012

Charleston Patriot Challenge

From David Hurlock

To all my paddleboard racing friends:

If you're going to race the Carolina Cup, best of luck!  Represent Charleston well. As much as I'd like to go to Wilmington to experience this world class event, and meet the best racers in he world, I have to stay in Charleston and race in the Patriot Challenge.  I'm committed to supporting multi sport paddle races in Charleston. So if you're going to Wilmington, have a great race, and a great time. But if you can't make Wilmington, COME RACE THE PATRIOT CHALLENGE!  

The Elite course is an incredible course along the Battery, to the Marina, and back. (If you've ever walked along the Battery, and thought how cool it would be to paddle there, here's your chance.) The Rec course is 3 miles of flat water out and back, up the Ashley, and will be a fun paddle whether you consider it a race, or just a great paddle with a great group of paddle enthusiasts. Everyone who enters is also entered in a raffle for an Epic V8 surfski and other fantastic prizes. Proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project so it's for a good cause, too. The race starts Saturday at noon at Brittlebank Park.  Come early to register.  

David PS:  With all the talent headed to Wilmington, there might be space on the podium for a few of the rest of us.

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