Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shem Creek Shootout = Fun

The Shem Creek Shootout filled the weekend with fun! Many thanks to David Clifford at Charleston Watersport for his generosity--the parties and prizes were fantastic. Ryan was awesome and kept us calm and collected. I'm also sending out a special thank you to Kelly Haver and Amy Treneff who signed up to help out with registration and "got a whole lot more important" since they ended up timing the races and dealing with results! Additional super volunteers Caroline, Amy Z, Eddie, Jameson, Sammie, Greg, Misty, Damon, Danielle, Mike E and many others pitched in and helped make the weekend great.
David Secrest was kind enough to rub some sweaty, sunscreen covered bodies down afterwards with awesome massages, and did it in the heat, with a smile! Be sure to contact him at if you need someone to work the kinks out.
The staff at Red's was incredibly cool, the food was great and the beer was cold!
Congratulations to everyone who came out and raced--it was a tough day. Our local prize winners were Mike Evatt, Jeremy Whitted, Jenny Alderman, Clay Thornhill, Danielle Licari, Kenny Puckett and Jameson Sanders. I apologize if I missed anyone or ruined the spelling of your name!
I loved hanging out with all of the great people and had fun the entire weekend even though I got spanked by those awesome girls from Wilmington and my brother (this time).
Fun day Sunday is coming to an end, but the Tuesday night Halfmoon Outfitters race is right around the corner and so is the social paddle on Wednesday. Check the last post for other fun things coming up. Hope to see you out.

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